About Us

About Us


• To add value to the region where all the projects are realized, to produce high quality production, to create modern and aesthetic living spaces,

• To integrate the latest technologies in its projects, to create safe living spaces in accordance with World Standards,

• Works to produce projects that meet customer expectations, and to produce quality living spaces that are compatible with the future with the understanding of providing service with the principle of after-sales satisfaction.


Eşin Group, advancing from past to present with confidence and self-sacrifice in line with its targets;

• To create a modern lifestyle by aiming at the summit in the construction sector with a customer-oriented approach, following all the innovations and producing projects that meet the needs of the future as well as today,

• To create safe and contemporary living environments for the society and to improve the quality of life; – To contribute by preserving environmental awareness,

• Eşin Group standards, which always provide high quality by using the latest technological facilities in engineering and management sciences, are based on internationally accepted quality standards. We are shaping our future from today. We create safe structures, spaces and profitable investment opportunities for our customers, which are our reason for existence, and we continue our way unceasingly to become the leading company that sets standards in the construction sector.

Our Corporate Values

-Following the developing technologies in the sector, producing projects for quality and healthier living spaces at universal standards,

– To reach innovative and creative results by developing special solutions specific to the projects,

– To encourage the development of different ideas by encouraging teamwork,

– To grow by continuously increasing the service quality, to make the biggest investment to human happiness,

– Always upholding the principles of trust, honesty and social responsibility – Demonstrate the success of achieving quality with the most appropriate cost with our expert team,

– Completing the works on time with the importance we attach to customer loyalty,

– Creating synergy between our employees, suppliers and subcontractors while providing systematics in our applications, – As a result of our respect to society and the environment, to take care to protect the environment in all our work.

Our Quality Policy

Quality for Eşin Group; performance, cost, time, price, and customer satisfaction. Our quality goals are shaped by customer demands in the modern era. Quality for our company; it is not a achieved and protected level, but a goal that is renewed and developed according to the circumstances.

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